New video on St. Anthony’s Day

On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the Franciscan vocation of Saint Anthony, the community of the Conventual Minor Friars who today continue the legacy of those first Friars who in this same place welcomed Fernando to become Antonio, present, in an eight-minute video, a summary of the life and of the spirit that animated Antonio and continues to energize the community of Santo Antonio dos Olivais, in Coimbra.

Bandeira de Portugal
Bandeira da Iália
Bandeira do Reino Unido
Bandeira da Espanha
Bandeira da França

Thus begins Friar Domingos, the current parish priest:
I have been in Santo Antonio dos Olivais for fifteen years. When I arrived here I found a dynamic, lively community, I felt a great job already done, both by the laity and the friars.

Here people come from all over the world looking for guidance, comfort and light for the paths, not always easy, of life. People of all conditions and ages, afflicted or grateful, sick or cured, unemployed or at work, disoriented or joyful, desperate or reconciled. They seek and find love, happiness and peace.

As Catarina says in the video:
Everything is lived with genuine joy and I think it makes a difference in people.
The video is a contribution for parishioners and pilgrims to live with joy the grace of the Jubilee.

We Christians, we friars, are called to love these people, all of them indistinctly, as God loves them, because children… But we can work for social promotion, for the help of the least, the poor, the marginalized… there is a world of work that we can do with this world! This world is the place where God lives. In this world we want to play our life.

Friar Domenico Celebrin

The video will premiere on June 13, 2020, at 09:15 PM, in Portuguese, Italian, English, French and Spanish.

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